2K Explains Why They Don’t Update WWE 2K15’s Roster Themselves

by Damian Seeto

Many people were wondering why 2K doesn’t update the roster for WWE 2K15 like they do in NBA 2K15. They’ve finally given a reason as to why.

A lot of WWE 2K15 owners would like the game to update the roster like 2K does for the NBA 2K series. In the NBA games, players and teams sometimes get new jerseys, and they even update the graphics on the court.

Updates similar to the NBA 2K games are not implemented in WWE 2K15 however. Players themselves have to create their own new wrestlers and attires to keep up with the current product.

WWEGames’ community manager, Marcus Stephenson, tried to explain on the official 2K forums:

“We model an entire superstar, entrance, animations, etc. VERY different than sports games that have a set number of body types and replace heads. I would know — I was a designer at EA SPORTS and actually assigned the body types…”

From that explanation, it appears that creating a new wrestler from scratch takes a lot of time and effort. This is why we don’t see regular updates in WWE 2K15 like with NBA 2K15.

If you want to make WWE 2K15 as up-to-date as possible, just visit the Community Creations mode and download wrestlers that other people have made. If you are good enough, you can create new wrestlers and attires yourself.

- This article was updated on February 27th, 2015