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Over 500 Indie Games have hit Xbox One and Windows 10 via ID@Xbox

by Kyle Hanson


The ID@Xbox program has apparently been a massive success for both Microsoft and indie game developers, with the announcement that over 500 titles have made their way to Xbox One and Windows 10 via the program. The program began in 2014, with Microsoft setting it up to help push for and deliver independent games on their console. Indie developers have previously praised the program which saw both money and support flowing their way in order to help them get their game out there.

“A little more than three years ago, we took to the stage at Gamescom to unveil a brand-new program for Xbox One,” said Chris Charla, Director of ID@Xbox.”Our goal was to make sure Xbox players have access to the best, most diverse collection of games by making sure we enabled developers of all shapes and sizes to self-publish their creations on Xbox One.”

This month saw many ID@Xbox releases, including Voodoo Vince: Remastered, Thimbleweed Park, and Cities: Skylines. These releases and more put the program over the 500 title count. “Today’s news is a cool milestone not just for us at ID@Xbox and the independent game developer community; it’s a milestone for everyone who loves great games,” said Charla. “In 2016 alone, tens of millions of people played an ID@Xbox title on Xbox One or Windows 10 – what’s more, those players spent more than a billion hours playing ID@Xbox games.”

For a full list of all 500+ games on Xbox One and Windows 10 from the program click here. It’s an impressive list, full of some really awesome and unique games. Indie games have really become a big part of the gaming industry over the last few years, and their transition to consoles was rather rough. These days it’s no longer shocking to see small, independently developed titles hit multiple platforms and ID@Xbox is partially responsible for that.

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