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Akuma Confirmed For Street Fighter 5 Roster; Playable At PSX 2016

by Damian Seeto


Akuma has officially been revealed to be added to the Street Fighter 5 roster. He is likely to be the first DLC character added to Season 2 of the game.

Akuma was announced during the Redbull Battlegrounds tournament. A small teaser trailer confirmed his addition to the Street Fighter 5 roster.

Not a lot was shown, but the character will be playable to the public very soon. He is playable during the PlayStation Experience event happening on December 3rd and December 4th. This event is being held this year at the Anaheim Convention Center.

It is an exciting time to be a fan of Akuma. Not only is he going to be added to Street Fighter 5 soon, but he’s also playable in the upcoming Tekken 7. His addition in Tekken 7 came as a surprise since he’s a Street Fighter character. Not only that, but he actually plays a pivotal role in the Tekken 7 storyline.

Street Fighter however is where he truly belongs. The roster for the game felt kind of small at launch, but Capcom is thankfully supporting the game for a long time with DLC. You also don’t have to buy the game again as all DLC can be earned or bought with the base title.

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