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Amiibo Hunting Guide For November 1 (Mii Fighter 3-Pack)

by Dean James


October was a relatively slow month on the amiibo front, with the Yarn Yoshi’s being the only release in that time. However, November is kicking everything back into high gear from the first day of the month. As a result, that means it is time for yet another amiibo hunting guide.

November has a lot of different amiibo release days, spreading across multiple amiibo lines and even one now exclusive restock. The middle of the month is where most of the action will be, but tomorrow is set to bring our first Sunday release in awhile with the Mii Fighters 3-pack.

Just like the only other Super Smash Bros. line 3-pack, the Mii Fighters are exclusive to a retailer, in this case Toys R Us. The good news here is that exclusives have really become the most well stocked of them all, with GameStop’s 3-pack lasting forever and the current Falco pre-order exclusively at Best Buy lasting forever.

The only problem is that Toys R Us completely skipped putting their last exclusive, Bowser Jr., online at all. Bowser Jr. had fantastic stock, including a restock as well at most locations, but not putting it online hurt people who don’t have a Toys R Us locally.

The good news however is that stock in-store will once again be absolutely fantastic. Unlike typical sources that leak estimated totals, Toys R Us revealed a minimum stock that each store will have of the Mii Fighters 3-pack through an ad of theirs.

Each Toys R Us location will have a minimum of 64 Mii Fighter 3-packs. Stores could also get more than this, as larger volumes stores will get more, but that is just the lowest total. This is really excellent numbers, so you really shouldn’t have to camp out or anything if you want to grab these.

Honestly, depending on your location, you could probably stop by later in the day and get the Mii Fighter amiibo without any problems. If you’re like me however, you’ll be there at opening anyways just in case.

Good luck picking up the Mii Fighter 3-pack tomorrow and make sure to let us know in the comments below if you picked yours up and feel free to give your location and stock estimates so others may see them.

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