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Amiibo Restocks May Reach GameStop This Wednesday

by Dean James


Nintendo actually didn’t focus on the existing amiibo lines during last Tuesday Digital Event during E3, but instead gave us some details during the Super Smash Bros. stream. During this time, restocks for characters were not mentioned at all, but they now are trickling out and GameStop might be getting some soon.

A couple weeks ago, Nintendo tweeted that Wii Fit Trainer and Pit would be getting a restock in the coming weeks, though very limited. Since then, Amazon has sporadically gotten restocks of Wii Fit Trainer online and Toys R Us has seen very limited quantities of Wii Fit Trainer as well.

According to a tweet from insider Wario64, who is one of the most respected insiders around, GameStop will be the next retailer to get restocks, as soon as Wednesday.

“I am told that most GameStops this Wednesday will have “rare” amiibo like Wii Fit Trainer and others, different selection at locations”

One of the questions here is what the “others” he mentions could be. Could it be Pit or perhaps even other highly sought after amiibo? Canada has seen an influx of Villager and Little Mac on top of Wii Fit Trainer and Pit this past week, so it would be a fantastic surprise to see those pop up there as well.

Hopefully we can get further confirmation and details tomorrow, but for now this is still technically a rumor. This is how first reports of the Majora’s Mask New 3DS XL restocks started with just rumors, so it wouldn’t surprise me if it was legitimate with his track record.

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