Attack of the Fanboy

It Appears Shuhei Yoshida’s Twitter Account Got Hacked

by Damian Seeto


President of Sony’s Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, is in a bit of a pickle right now. His official Twitter account has been hacked.

If you go to his Twitter account right now, you can see that the last two tweets show that he has been hacked by a group calling themselves OurMine.

To ensure your own safety, do not click on any of the links that have been left behind on Shuhei Yoshida,’s Twitter account. It’s okay just to look at the tweets but don’t do anything more than that.

We’re not sure why his account has been hacked, but hopefully Twitter or someone from Sony is able to fix this. It’s never nice to get your Twitter account hacked.

The best thing we can do is report that the account has been hacked on Twitter so this can be resolved in a proper manner. Again, we advise you not to click on the links on his Twitter account or you too might get hacked as well.

We will update you if Shuhei Yoshida has been able to get his Twitter account back. As of right now though, he cannot share any news about the PS4 until he gets it back.

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