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Background Music Not Coming To Xbox One Until After Windows 10

by William Schwartz


Xbox One has had a few features that have carried over from the Xbox 360, but one glaring feature that hasn’t yet is the background music that so many fans have been asking for on the Xbox One. It seems though, that fans might have to wait a bit longer if they want to have that ability on their next-gen consoles just yet.

A fan recently asked Microsoft’s Xbox Head, Phil Spencer on Twitter if the Xbox 360 feature of background music will be making its way to the Xbox One. To which the head of the Xbox divsion replied with the following:

“We have to land Win10 on XB1 before we’ll get background music, so a little later.”

So there you have it. If you want background music to come to the Xbox One, fans will have to wait patiently until it receives Windows 10 on Xbox One before any of that can even happen. It is a bit disappointing that a feature that was on the Xbox 360 can’t make it to Xbox One until a new operating system is in place, but I suppose it makes sense due to the technological leap involved from Xbox 360 to Xbox One. Now, as to when we can expect Windows 10 I guess we will just have to wait and see being that E3 is right around the corner.

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