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Batman: Arkham Origins loses voice behind the franchise

by William Schwartz


Kevin Conroy will not be voicing Batman in Batman: Arkham Origins. According to a report from NAG, Warner Bros. has passed on Conroy for another voice actor. The decision likely stems from the timeline shift in Origins.

Batman: Arkham Origins will feature a younger version of the hero, according to the report from the publication. This goes hand in hand with information from Warner Brothers that outed the next Batman title to be one that “showcases a young and unrefined Batman as he haces a defining moment in his early career as a crime fighter that sets his path to becoming the Dark Knight.”

Batman: Arkham Origins is set to arrive on October 25th on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U, and PC. Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate will arrive alongside the console version of the game for the PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS.

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