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Battlefield 3 DLC dictating Call of Duty and Halos releases, says developer

by William Schwartz


DICE has had a nice steady stream of content for Battlefield 3 in 2012 and thus far in 2013. The packs have been well received by fans and EA has boasted big profits on the Battlefield Premium service. DICE takes a different approach than a lot of developers with the release of their DLC content. Each pack in the Battlefield 3 DLC schedule has offered players a unique experience and not just new maps.

With the release of End Game, DICE is done with Battlefield 3 DLC, but they’ve likely learned good lessons on how to extend their games in the future. Battlefield 3 fans got their game in the fall of 2011, and its been going strong for all this time. So what’s the special sauce behind DICE’s philosophy to DLC? Craig Mcleod of DICE explains in a recent interview with OXM.

‘I feel we’re forcing the industry to step up and follow our example, says DICE’

“Right at the end of Bad Company 2 we released Vietnam. This was a much bigger pack incorporating new weapons and environments. We found people really enjoyed this. As much as people enjoyed having new maps to play on, they really enjoyed having a new experience.”

Bad Company 2: Vietnam shaped what was to come in Battlefield 3. None of the packs took the themed approach that Vietnam did, but offered brand new experiences nonetheless. Mcleod believes that other popular shooters are beginning to take notice, and DICE is the industry leader in this regard.

“I think we’re driving the industry in this respect,” he told the magazine. “When I look at things like Battlelog, and when I look at the whole experience that we deliver in a DLC – people didn’t do this before, they literally did map packs, and now we can see some of our competitors introducing not just new maps but also new weapons, and new features on the side. I feel we’re forcing the industry to step up and follow the example we’re setting.”

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