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Battlefield 4 Final Stand Leaked First Image Shows Futuristic Weapon

by Kyle Hanson


UPDATE: The official trailer has been released and can be viewed here.

Battlefield 4 Final Stand is the fifth and final expansion pack coming to BF4. Practically nothing has been revealed about the DLC, but a new image was leaked that gives us our first taste of the upcoming pack. The image comes from Twitter and was posted as a thread by Reddit user monk3ybusin3ss where fans point out that the weapon being used by the soldier appears very futuristic. This trip to the near-future wouldn’t be a first for the series, that would be Battlefield 2142, but would be the first time something from science-fiction appeared in Battlefield 4. 

The war is reaching its epic conclusion in Battlefield 4 Final Stand.

As with all of the other expansion packs for BF4, Final Stand will contain four new maps, along with some additional weapons and vehicles. Game modes have been included in the past, such as Capture-the-Flag, but so far nothing has been hinted at for Final Stand. We’ll have to wait at least until next week, when EA has a special even planned to show off the upcoming DLC. Battlefield 4 Final Stand doesn’t have an official release date yet, but we know it will be at least after October.

Battlefield Final Stand can be purchased separately or as part of Battlefield 4 Premium, which gets you all of the other expansion packs as well. Those packs are China Rising, Second Assault, Naval Strike, and Dragon’s Teeth. You can see our review of the latest DLC, Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth by clicking here. By subscribing to Battlefield 4 Premium you also gain access to the DLC two weeks in advance on top of a few other perks.

The latest entry in the Battlefield series, Battlefield: Hardline, was recently delayed until 2015 so the developer could smooth out some issues with the game. This means the community in BF4 should stick around much longer, allowing you to get more time in with the DLC maps.

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