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Battlefield 4: Final Stand Trailer Reveals Hovertanks, Mechs, and More

by Kyle Hanson


After a quick image leak yesterday we have our first look at the upcoming Battlefield 4: Final Stand DLC. This will be the fifth and final expansion pack coming to BF4 and it looks to mix things up with a lot of new elements being added to the game. The image from yesterday featured a futuristic looking weapon that appeared to be returning from Battlefield 2142, and the trailer today features even more futuristic gadgets and weapons.

Battlefield 4: Final Stand includes four new maps along with additional weapons and vehicles

We also get a look at the four maps being included as part of Battlefield 4: Final Stand. These are Operation Whiteout, Hammerhead, Giants of Karelia, and Hangar 21. All of them appear to be totally new to the series, with Operation Whiteout likely following the design mechanics of Operation Metro and Operation Locker.

New vehicles appear in the trailer, such as a hovertank and mech suits, although the latter might just be for decoration. There seems to be a lot of items making their way over from Battlefield 2142. Hovertanks, mechs, railguns, and more could make this the most exciting BF4 expansion pack yet. Take a look and let us know what new stuff you spot in the comments below.

Battlefield 4: Final Stand is available now in the Community Testing Environment. Unfortunately there is still no release date available for the general public, but Battlefield Premium subscribers will get the DLC two weeks early whenever it does hit. Keep checking here for updates as Battlefield 4: Final Stand gets closer to release. If you’re thinking about making the jump into Battlefield 4 and it’s DLC you can check out our reviews here and here. While the game had some troubled times in the past, DICE has done a good job cleaning up the major issues. Some of them reappeared recently, but for the most part the game runs well.

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