Attack of the Fanboy

Believe in the Heart of the Cards for This Week’s Tavern Brawl

by William Schwartz


In the Sunwell lies unlimited power, and that power is yours! Start each game with 10 mana and see what you can do with it!

The sixth round of Hearthstone’s popular Tavern Brawl mode is a high-powered week of constructed play. If you’ve managed to collect any Legendary cards that you haven’t quite been able to fit into a deck, now’s the time to bring them out in force. It’s also a brilliant time to get to know Alexstrazsa, whom you’ll be seeing a lot of.

Alexstrazsa’s battlecry sets your opponent’s health to 15. In doing so, it isn’t counted as damage or healing, and does not affect armor. Combined with the likes of Fireball, Pyroblast, or direct damage abilities from other classes, playing Alex is a quick and effective way to get a passive-aggressive “well played” emoted your way.

If you’re neither lucky nor rich, you might be more interested in shutting down decks full of Legendaries that you don’t have. Over on Hearthpwn, evanius88 has laid the groundwork for doing so when playing as shaman. Rogue and Mage, with their respective arsenals of control-based spells, are also solid choices for shutting down your opponent early. Card draw is even more integral than usual in this Tavern Brawl, so be sure to bring along a Loot Hoarder or Gnomish Inventor or two.

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