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Less big-budget games on the PS4 and Xbox 720, says Just Cause dev

by William Schwartz


Avalanche Studios has something in the works for next-gen platforms. The makers of the Just Cause franchise are very likely cooking up a sequel to the popular open-world series, but studio CEO Stefan Ljungqvist believes that we’ll see far less “big-budget” games on these new platforms.

Speaking in a recent interview, Ljungqvist explained that big-budget games aren’t going away completely, but there will certainly be less of them.

“I don’t think big-budget games are going away. There’s going to be less of them. But that’s a good thing, because maybe we don’t need forty first-person shooters. I don’t want to play them all, but maybe we need one, two or three.”

Time will tell if Ljungvist is right or not, but we can already name three that are likely to have a big presence in the next-gen. Bungie’s Destiny, DICE’s Battlefield, and Activision’s Call of Duty franchise aren’t likely going anywhere.

Do we need less shooters when the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 arrive? Let us know in the commments section, below!

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