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Bioware Continues To Tease Mysterious Game, This Time With A Spark

by Dean James


Last week, many of us out there received a very strange email from Bioware that included a message and very mysterious trailer. Well, they are at it again as they have moved on from the “Nightmare” of the old trailer to a “Spark” this time, with a date listed this time around for what could be assumed to be an official reveal.

The email this time featured the following cryptic message:

  • Do you know they are watching?
  • Your power is rising
  • Cologne, Germany
  • You’ve been chosen
  • 8.13.14

This is one of the strangest viral marketing campaigns for a completely unannounced game that I can remember, with what appears to be a young man chosen for whatever this game involves, with lightning involved either from the recruiter or somehow the boy himself. I know I am very intrigued as to what this game actually is, so that August 13 date provided in the email hopefully will tell us everything, rather than just being another tease of its own.

At this point, it’s almost definitely not involved with the next Mass Effect and definitely not Dragon Age, so are you excited to see Bioware trying something else while currently doing other major projects as well?


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