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Black Ops II gets into the micro-transaction business

by William Schwartz


Activision will be adding micro-transactions to Call of Duty: Black Ops II in an upcoming update. These optional in-game purchases will allow players to further customize their online experience in the shooter. These purchases include “personal customizations or nice little luxuries” that do not affect the gameplay.

Dan Amrich recently outlined the incoming packs, as well as other content that Black Ops II players can expect in the incoming update.

  • Personalization Packs – Similar to what Epic Games did with Gears of War 3, Black Ops II will sell themed packs of weapon camo. These personalization packs include themed weapon skins and reticles. These personalization packs are priced at 160 MSP.
  • Extra Loadouts and Media Storage – For a price, you can get extra create-a-class slots (up to 20 total) and additional media storage. 160 MSP.
  • Calling Cards – New themed Calling Card packs from different countries around the world. These packs are divided by region and cost 80 MSP per region.
  • Nuketown 2025 Multiplayer Map – The pre-order multiplayer map will go live for all, for free.
  • Nuketown Zombies – The Nuketown Zombies map that came as part of the Hardened and Care Package editions of the game, will not be available for 400 MSP.

These new items will be made available first on the Xbox 360, and will arrive on the PlayStation 3 and PC shortly.

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