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Blizzard outlines new World of Warcraft Transactions

by William Schwartz


World of Warcraft is definitely going to be getting a new in-game store with micro-transactions for the MMO.  After being discovered on the game’s public test realm, Blizzard had confirmed their plans, and today have outlined them more fully.   The new item options apparently will give players the option to boost through the leveling process, and offer a shortcut to collectibles and  “convenience-oriented items”.

We’ll be testing a new in-game store with new items based on player feedback

“First, we’ll be testing the in-game store with some new kinds of items we’re looking into introducing (in Asian regions, at the outset) based on player feedback: specifically, an experience buff to assist with the leveling process, as well as an alternate way to acquire Lesser Charms of Good Fortune. We’ve had a lot of requests from players in different regions for convenience-oriented items such as these, and as with other new ideas we’ve introduced asWoW has evolved—including Pet Store pets, mounts, and more—your feedback plays a hugely important part in determining what we add to the game.”

Some World of Warcraft fans are worrying that these new items will eventually start moving the game towards the dreaded “pay to win” model because of the ability to buy charms and items that would presumably make your character much stronger.  We’ll have to wait and see how Blizzard ultimately implements this new model in Asian regions.

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