Attack of the Fanboy

Borderlands 2 walkthrough shows us the darker side of Pandora’s youth

by William Schwartz


New NPC Tiny Tina is throwing a tea party when Borderlands 2 launches September 18, and you’re “cordially invited, bitch.” Well, it’s less of an actual party and more along the lines of a sadistic little girl’s justification to blow up a bandit. But still, you’re invited.

Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford provides commentary for a new Borderlands 2 walkthrough which showcases the rag-tag town of Sanctuary, the insanity of junkyard droid Claptrap, and the viciousness of Tiny Tina.

As the video demonstrates, Borderlands 2 will feature more expansive and a greater variety of environments to explore. Sanctuary for example, may not be the most lively, brightly colored town you’ve seen, but it certainly has a distinctive character. NPCs and struggling shops provide context for the town’s harsh setting, leaving you to meet and discover new faces while seeing familiar ones.

Check out the entire 10-minute Borderlands 2 walkthrough with commentary from Pitchford below:

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