Broken Age Act 2 Release Date Announced, Entire Game Heading to PS4 and Vita

by Kyle Hanson
Broken Age Act 2 Release Date PlayStation

After over a year of extra wait time, fans will finally be able to finish the story of Vella and Shay as Broken Age Act 2 will be available on April 28th. Those who have already pruchased the game on PC will be able to download and access the second half of the story on this date. On top of this, Sony and Double Fine have announced that the entire adventure will be release on PS4 and PS Vita on the same day. The PlayStation release seems to have been fostered by Sony’s assistance with getting Grim Fandango Remastered off the ground.

Broken Age made headlines back in 2012 with its initial Kickstarter. The game set new records for the crowd funding site, but development ended up overreaching, which resulted in some delays and the splitting up of the game into two acts. Broken Age Acts 1 launched in January 2014, with no word on when to expect the final half. Now, over a year later fans can finish what they started and figure out how the worlds of Shay and Vella are intertwined.

The PlayStation release of Broken Age will feature Cross-Buy and Cross-Save, so you will be able to play on either PS4 or PS Vita with just one purchase. You can read our review of Broken Age Act 1 by clicking here.