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Bungie plans to trump Halo with the choices in Destiny

by William Schwartz


Bungie is as big a name as there comes in the First Person Shooter department. The creators of Halo helped spark a revolution in the console gaming world, one where first person shooters rose to the top of the heap in terms of popularity. After leaving Microsoft and the Halo series behind, Destiny is Bungie’s next big thing, and they plan for it to be bigger and better than Halo by offering players choices.

In a recent interview with IGN, Bungie’s Joe Staten explains that player choice will play a big role in Destiny. Choices that weren’t seen in the developer’s Halo games.

“What kind of character do I want to be in the world? Do I want to be a man or do I want to be a woman? That’s a choice we never gave someone in the Halo games,” says Staten.

More importantly, Staten says this choice spills over into combat as well. “Not just choices you’d get in a Halo game, the moment to moment of how I’m going to take apart this encounter, what’s my combat toolset?” By allowing players to customize their character and their abilities, Destiny should give these characters a better sense of identity. At least that’s what the plan sounds like thus far.

Bungie’s goal is to make you “the star of your own heroic tale,” says Staten, and from what it sounds like, you’re going to be far more personalized than some custom Mark IV Armor. Bungie released a new video of some of the characters in Destiny at GDC 13. The classes, which have yet to be completely outlined by Bungie, seem to be wide ranging. A far, far cry from anything we saw in the Halo franchise.

There’s still no concrete release date on Destiny, but it’s anticipated to arrive in 2014 at the earliest.

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