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Bungie warns of fake beta testing scams for Destiny

by William Schwartz


Now that Bungie has finally revealed Destiny, the company will soon begin selecting community members to beta test the multiplayer title. While they started taking applications some time ago, we’re getting closer to an actual point where Bungie is going to allow testers to begin getting hands-on with the title. As expected, fans are excited about this kind of opportunity.

Bungie warns however that third parties may be on the prowl with Destiny beta scams. A tweet from Bungie’s David Candland reminded those that are interested in beta testing Destiny should take the proper steps to apply on Bungie’s website. Beta entry will not be granted from third parties, so be on the look out for scams.

Bungie says they’ll be allowing “hundreds of thousands” of gamers to beta test Destiny, to become one of them, apply here.

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