BunnyLord Briefs You on Not a Hero in New Trailer

by AOTF Staff

Roll7, the developers behind 2014’s OlliOlli, are preparing to launch their next game, Not a Hero. The Devolver Digital-distributed title is a weird one, as one might expect from a game falling under this publisher, and may have flown under your radar due to the handful of AAA titles that are nearly upon us. I’m here to bring this soon-to-be indie gem to your attention because there is definitely something special here.

Players take on the role of Steve (or one of eight other “heroes”), a professional assassin that has taken his unreasonable use of reasonable force into the campaign manager field. Steve carries out his work under the direction of the anthropomorphic rabbit candidate known as BunnyLord. Seems legit, right?

In the style of the popular Let’s Play videos, BunnyLord narrates the first 15 minutes of Not a Hero and gives us all a better idea of what this bizarre 2¼D cover-based shooter has to offer. Check it out below.

The game clearly beckons to those that have found limitless enjoyment in games such as Hotline Miami and Broforce. If that sounds like you, this city-wide cleansing experience can be pre-ordered on Steam now and will be available May 9th. Then you, too, can do the bidding of the almighty BunnyLord.