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Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC spells ODIN

by William Schwartz


Yes, Call of Duty: Ghosts will be getting the regularly scheduled yearly downloadable content. Installed in the traditional 4-pack set, to be released next year. But instead of letting the details trickle out about this content, it looks like Activision leaked the four packs in an email.

Onslaught, Devastation, Invasion, and Nemesis are the names of the four downloadable packs. The names came from a leaked email sent to fans of the game. On the email, the 4 DLC packs were revealed, and a “Team Leader digital content pack” was said to be included if players purchased the Season Pass for the game.

This Team Leader pack is said to include “a unique MP character head, weapon camo, reticle, player patch, player card, and player background”.

We should be seeing the first downloadable content pack for Call of Duty: Ghosts arrive in early 2014.

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