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Cities XXL Revealed

by William Schwartz


Recently, we brought to you news on the development of a city-building simulator called Cities Skylines being developed by Paradox Interactive. After the hilariously inadequate effort by EA with SimCity, it seemed as the industry was just a bit sick of city-builders. It seems the self-pity sessions have elapsed and Focus Home Interactive has joined the fray with Cities XXL.

The name might seem comical at first, but Cities XXL is really trying to sell itself in the direction of big is better. SimCity was hampered by the fact that the cities you could make were perplexingly small. Cities XXL is all about having 70+ huge maps and a large variety things you can build. With over 1000 types of buildings, many different types of roads in terms of width and usage as well as national types, you will be able to have British, German or French roads for example.

But it isn’t just about the big things that Cities XXL is promising, they plan to take care of the little things as well such as lots of data for you to peruse so that you can optimize your city better such as being able to track a denizen’s route from home to work, pollution levels, the ability to green-ify (that is eco-friendly, not a big ol’ can of green paint) everything and getting down and personal with the people by parachuting down and having a game of basketball with them in Cities XXL’s new and improved game engine.

There have been no talks of release schedules yet, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see the game hit sometime in 2015 for PCs.

Are you excited by the announcement of Cities XXL? Let us know in the comments below!

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