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Cloud Doesn’t Look Like This on Final Fantasy VII Remake Anymore

by Jose Belmonte


Assistants to the 30th Anniversary Exhibition of the Final Fantasy series in Tokyo, Japan, were treated with the sight of four exclusive screenshots of the long anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake. While the company didn’t allow the audience to take any photos and it’s not expected to release them, comments on Twitter by some of the visitors have revealed some very interesting details that give us clues as to where the project is heading in its development.

The fact that has caught the attention the most is that the game’s protagonist Cloud has a different appearance in those screenshots from the design we had seen in previous trailers. Lead developer Naoki Hamaguchi said to the audience that the new design got the definitive approval from the game’s director and original designer Tetsuya Nomura, as it’s the version the better resembles the youthful appearance of Cloud in the original PSX game, which makes sense as the character is supposed to be 21 during the events of the game.

The screenshots also included the rest of members of the AVALANCHE group, with fans describing Biggs as “super handsome,” Wedge as “refreshingly chubby,” and Jessie as “cute.” They also noted that everythings to have been remade from the previous trailer, which would confirm the rumors that Square Enix had restarted the whole project after taking over the development from Cyberconnect2, apparently for being unhappy with the work of that company.

While we are not expected to see those screenshots anytime soon, remember to take a look at the brand new artwork revealed at the 30th Anniversary Exhibition.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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