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We’re shaking things up with COD Ghosts Multiplayer, says Activision

by William Schwartz


Call of Duty: Ghosts will arrive later this year, and despite the yearly skepticism that comes ahead of the arrival of the franchise, Activision believes the brand has never been stronger. In a recent interview with IGN, Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg explains that Call of Duty players are still logging in, playing the game, purchasing more DLC, and making micro-transactions enmasse.

Hirshberg says that “anticipation is high for Ghosts”, and that the Activision has “set the stage for greatness” this November.

We’re shaking things up. Multiplayer is going to have new ideas.

“Now, at the end of the day, it all comes down to us making another great game. That’s why we set the stage for greatness with Ghosts by wiping the slate clean creatively, not doing another Modern Warfare game with Infinity Ward, allowing them to create an entirely new narrative and cast of characters. We’ve changed to a world where America is not the dominant force, but an underdog. That opened up new visual opportunities. It opened up new gameplay opportunities. We’re shaking things up. Multiplayer is going to have new ideas. Dynamic maps are something we’re doing. Character customization is something we’re doing. The story mode is going to be…I don’t know if you’ve seen what we [showed at E3], but it’s gorgeous. It’s emotional. It’s got a different kind of tonality and feeling to it. It all comes down to us making a great game every time out, and I’m confident that we are going to deliver something special with Ghosts.”

Activision and Infinity Ward have only revealed their single player portion of Call of Duty: Ghosts at this point. While we’ve heard rumblings about new ideas in multiplayer and the dynamic maps that the CEO mentions, we’ve yet to really see any of this in action.

Call of Duty: Ghosts is slated to arrive in early November on current and next-gen consoles, as well as PC.

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