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Crytek not interested in the Darksiders franchise

by William Schwartz


Yesterday Crytek announced that it would be opening a new studio in Austin, TX headed by former Vigil Games staff. With Vigil responsible for Darksiders and Darksiders 2, some thought that Crytek would be looking to aquire the Darksiders property to take the franchise forward.

It appears that Crytek is not interested in this popular franchise, and that the Vigil staff will be working on “online games and kick-ass triple-A productions.”

In a recent statement to Gamasutra, Cretek’s Cevat Yerli told the website that online games would be a major focus for the company, and that the former Vigil staff would be focused on these instead of a new Darksiders game.

“It would be pretty much safe to say that this team will be working on online games,” Yerli explained. Crytek USA will like be focusing on “online games and kick-ass triple-A productions.” An area that will be “quite a significant investment for Crytek over the next five years.”

For those looking for a continuation of the Darksiders franchise, it doesn’t look like it’s going to be coming out of Crytek anytime soon.

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