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Dead Rising Movie Coming To Crackle Streaming Service

by Dean James


Awhile back, we heard news that a Dead Rising movie was partially going to be coming from the same studio that brought us Mortal Kombat: Legacy, Contradiction Films. At the time, we figured it wouldn’t be a theatrical release based on their past history, but we really were not sure. Sadly, it has been revealed that it will merely be a digital feature that will stream through Sony’s Crackle video streaming service.

The project will be the first for Legendary Digital Media and will see Tim Carter writing and producing with Tomas Harlan, while Transformers franchise producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura is on board as executive producer also. No director has been announced at this time however.

Legendary Digital chief Tom Lesinski released the following statement on this announcement.

“Dead Rising has a built-in fan base and rich characters and plotlines that are ideal for digital storytelling and on target for Legendary’s brand,” said Lesinski. “Crackle and Content are adept at distributing cutting-edge digital content and we look forward to delivering a highly engaging and cool series for a global audience.”

First debuting through Crackle, the Dead Rising “movie” will also come to DVD, VOD and TV as well. Stay tuned for further details as we learn them in the coming months about this project.





- This article was updated on:July 21st, 2014

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