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Dead Space 4 not in development, Visceral working on a new passion project

by William Schwartz


Visceral Games has seen huge success this generation with the Dead Space franchise.  Getting out a full trilogy in the course of just a few years, we might not be seeing a fourth iteration for some time.  That doesn’t mean that the Dead Space team isn’t working on something else.  In fact, they are working on a brand-new unannounced project.

According to EA’s Patrick Soderlund, the Dead Space team is working on something they are deeply passionate about.  “Is it better to put them on a fourth version of a game they’ve done three previous versions of before?  Or is it better to put them on something new that they want to build, that they have a passion for?”

Many believe that the Dead Space team is working on a game set in the Star Wars Universe, and some have gone as far as to say that the team is picking up where Lucas Arts left off with the Star Wars 1313 project that was revealed at E3 2012.  According to Soderlund, whatever it is that Visceral is working on, it’ll be good because of the passion behind the project.

No new details came out of the EA camp about what Visceral is working on, but they did announce that Star Wars: Battlefront is currently in development at DICE.

- This article was updated on:June 17th, 2013

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