Attack of the Fanboy

Destiny Leak was a good thing, says Bungie

by William Schwartz


It’s hard to keep things quiet in the world of video games. Between popular forums, twitter, and other social networks, the smallest things can backfire into full blown leaks. While Bungie navigated these perils successfully, a leaked marketing document gave fans looking for details about the next game, their first glance at what’s to come.

In the case of Bungie’s Destiny, they think it was a good thing for the inbound franchsie backed by Activision. According to Edge, Bungie turned the negative leak into a positive experience by fessing up to the existence of the document that spread across the net like a wildfire.

“We initiated a conversation with our fans, which we hadn’t done in a really long time. I think having done that, the great reaction we got from it really made us all very excited internally. It motivated us,” said Bungie’s Pete Parsons.

Bungie’s Destiny game is soon to be revealed entirely. Bungie has recently met with game journalists to open the flood gates of information on their next game.

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