Destiny Legendary Gifts Begin Rolling Out

by Kyle Hanson

As we reported yesterday, Bungie is giving Destiny players a Legendary gift for the holidays. We knew it would happen this week, but not what day or time. However, Bungie has just announced that the gifts have begun rolling out “by the millions”. Players should check with their in-game Postmaster or in their personal email account, if it is tied to your Destiny account as well, to see if they have received their gift and what exactly it is. Unfortunately we still don’t know specifically what to expect, although a Legendary weapon is most likely due to the hints. It could also be a piece of armor or other gear, and it seems like some players might receive different things from others. UPDATE: It looks like each item is unique to each user

Packages are being deployed by the millions throughout the day. Check your emails and the Postmaster for confirmation.

The timing of the release isn’t particularly ideal as PSN is currently experiencing “heavy traffic load”, resulting in many players being unable to sign in. If you have trouble getting onto Destiny you’ll probably just have to wait a while for the congestion to clear up. Once it does head to The Tower and check with the Postmaster to receive your item.

A few players who have received their gift have reported that they received Legendary weapons, specifcally a sniper rifle in one case. Some expressed appreciation to Bungie, while others felt that the weapon was useless to them. This wasn’t wholly unanticipated as Bungie had earlier stated “Lots of Qs about the holiday gift. No Bjallarhorns. No need to decrypt, either, though we’re sure some gifts will be swiftly dismantled.” As many have reported, this is exactly what happened. However, it is a nice little bonus to players, so check with your Postmaster and enjoy. Let us know in the comments if you received your item and if it ended up being something other than a Legendary sniper rifle.

- This article was updated on January 7th, 2015