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Destiny’s next big update slated for new year, Holiday surprises as well

| December 22, 2014

Destiny's next big update slated for new year, Holiday surprises as well News  Destiny

The next big update for Destiny is slated for the new year.  After the holidays have passed, Bungie says that they’ll be addressing “some stuff you’ve been asking us for,” according to their End-of-Year Update post on the developer’s blog.

“Our next update will drop in January.  It hopefully includes some stuff you’ve been asking us for.  Expect details soon after the holidays,” reads the update.  No hints were given as to what Destiny players should expect in the first update for the new year, but Bungie’s been pretty active in changing Destiny in major ways in recent weeks.

Changes to the Exotic Upgrade system went live earlier this month.  The Dark Below DLC introduced new exotic weapons, new story missions, and Raid content for the game.  The mysterious Xur plays an even bigger role in his visits to the Tower.  Just how Destiny will continue to evolve in 2015 is anyone’s guess.

Bungie also revealed that there will be “some small stocking stuffers” coming to Destiny players “after the holidays have come and gone.”    Again, Bungie did not reveal what these “stocking stuffers” would be.

Look for these Destiny gifts from Bungie and the next major update for the game in early-2015. In the meantime, Bungie expects the player base to expand with “Christmas Noobs” in the days ahead.

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  • bob


    • Mercetti

      Timmy you just need to work on a fraction and buy the new gear from them. Either it be crucible or vangard. And you’ll hit 30 if not 31 pretty quick specially if you get to be lucky enough to beat crota

  • timmy z

    They need to fix the engrams issue! I’m lvl 28 and haven’t seen or found NOT even ONE PURPLE ENGRAM! What’s the deal? And I’m investing hours upon hours a day into this game!

    • D_Lodge

      If you were investing hours and hours everyday you would be level 31 instead of 28.

      • timmy z

        That makes no sense considering it takes purple and yellow engrams to get light to lvl up… And I play for at least 4 hrs a day min

        • timmy z

          So if you comment for controversy… troll elsewhere

          • fedz

            You can play hours upon hour and be 28 if you never run crota or VoG and no dlc

          • fedz

            Idk y one would do it. But it’s possible

          • Tutthole

            I’ve run VoG every week, grinded out every Vanguard bounty, and done every weekly/nightfall event since launch. I was stuck at 29 until TDB dropped. In 2 days I hit 31. Now I’m having the same r.n.g. issues as I was off the get go. No armor drops from CE. Weekly and nightfall strikes still drop nothing but junk. Even the exotic bounties aren’t worth it. So go back to fucking your owe face. Stop trolling since you clearly have no clue what you are even talking about. And yes, every VoG run was on hard mode.

          • D_Lodge

            Nope my comment wasn’t for controversy. Just saying you need to learn to play the game correctly and you’d have nothing to complain about.

        • Jay Kiser

          I play this game a lot, never found a single purple or yellow engram and i’m level 31….get vanguard marks, run VoG and crota…you’ll be 31. Just the stuff you buy from the Vanguard can get you to 31. You clearly have no idea what you are doing in this game

        • johnbhelpingyu

          Actually, you need to be working on obtaining vanguard/crucible marks and getting either one to reputation level 2 so you can buy armor. Eris gives you a free legendary gauntlet as well. You also need to grind out the weekly to get enough strange coins to buy an exotic armor piece from Xur. This is guaranteed to get you to 31.

          It is a bad idea to rely on drops.

          • ThatOneNoob

            Yeah so I’m lvl 28, I pre-ordered the game and have played it a ton, and I swear this game Bates me. I’ve gotten 5 purple engrams all of which turned into rare items, now that they patched it I haven’t found a single one since. Ive run the Vault 20+ times and seen countless people stumble upon raid gear on their first time yet somehow all ive managed to find is the hezen vengeance rocket launcher which doesn’t matter at all considering I already have the truth and about 5 other legendary heavies which I recently dissassembled. Ive been a noob up till this point considering I have 200+ vanguard marks and I’m still not rank 1. I’m crucible rank 3 but I recently wasted 120 marks on a dlc epic helmet (why?!? I don’t know) I already have the achlyophage symbiote. I’m so dumb yet now I have two options. play crucible a ton or wait the long hours for bounties to re stock. I feel like ive wasted my time being a noob at this game though I am a beast when it comes to raids and the crucible. I’m pretty much #1 for kills at both every time I play. not sure why I decided to share this comment with u guys. guess I just wanted u to see someone who isn’t as good as you.

          • Jlove151

            That’s freaking bullshit 20 times in the raid and no one pixel of gear you are lying or just the worst of luck I’m sorry on that part oh and yellow engrams ( exotic engrams don’t drop you can only buy it from xur with 23 molts of light and if you really do put hours into the frame you should be 31 as of now even without dlc cause with the update all faction gear gets you to level 31 … I have put lots of time and just got full crota gear so soon I will be lvl 32 on my main but I know for a fact that all purples give legendary only after the update and also they made it slot less of a drop rate on them so don’t rely on drops like those do weekly for coins and nightfall is a or most likely will be a legendary and a good chance for an exotic wep or gear befor the dlc even with just a few hours a day I almost had all te exotic weps and gear before the update it’s not hard to get this stuff you just need to play it right if you are really having that hard of a time o on YouTube and watch some vids about how to get that kind of gear it really is easy to get the faction gear since you only need lvl 2 after which you need to just do crucible or vanguard to grind some marks to buy the gear and if you need glimmer do the “exclusion zone” on the first hard difficulty kill all the enemies but one make sure to use ” resupply codes” and kill them all but one but make sure to kill the yellow guys as thy drop most leave one alive and let him kill you to start over the fight an do this for about 30 mins then look at your glimmer you will see a major difference I made 10k + cause I went fast but anyone just follow some of these tips and you will do fine and btw you do crota you WILL get a drop of gear crota will only drop weps in normal but you will get one plus gear from the bridge parts you don’t have to do big anymore unless you want the vex or fatebringer the two best drops in my opinion but yeah good luck buddy

          • Jlove151

            I hate auto correct

          • Jlove151

            P.S sorry for the spelling errors I was typing very fast and auto correct hates me even if I spell it right it still puts a different word

          • BaeSuzy

            Really!?!? Eris really give players new gauntlets?(honest question) Do i need to purchase the expansion pack or DLC in order to receive the gauntlet?

          • Johno

            You need the dlc to get the gauntlets, you receive them after completing a quest chain similar to how you recieve the murmur fusion rifle for her

          • BaeSuzy

            Aw okay, i didn’t purchase the expansion pack so i didn’t get any. Thanks for the reply.

          • Johno

            Nps glad to help. besides the look they offer the same defence and light stats as the new vanguard ones. Although they do kind of look cool, made from bits of the different hive units

          • No1

            I found a lot of purple on patrol keep killing the hive and fallen on earth

  • Kryton

    I feel sorry for the all new holiday players and the journey of disappointment they have begun. The good news is in a few weeks they will have completed everything so it wont take much time. The illusion of progress with holiday themes!!!!

  • Steven Bailey

    I keep getting kicked to out of a game and puts me in orbit keeps giving me error code weasel and lion fish. None of my other devices Having problems. I can watch netflix and play all my other online games with no problems I have an old xbox could that be the cause of it. Anyone have any advice ?

    • Jeremy Roberts

      If it is the older generation of xbox you may have trouble keeping up with the bandwidth speeds. Maybe internet provider too. A friend had this issue and he got a new xbox and contact bungie and microsoft. They fixed the issue.

      • Steven Bailey

        So I have get a hold of bungie also I don’t know how buying a newer xbox is no problem

      • Steven Bailey

        Thank you also

    • GOLO

      are you getting error codes like babboon and such?

  • Jeremy Roberts

    As far as this game goes it is pretty decent for their first real attempt on their first RNG game or MMO. The only issue is the consistancy of Engram drops and glad they fixed Cryptarch. As i saw someone complaining about the conversion to rares was a bit annoying. My only suggestions as some have said before are: 1, Having a higher glimmer cap. I cannot tell you how annoying this is because you constantly spend and use it for buying pretty much everything. 25k is not a high enough cap pushing to at least 75k would be best. 2, have match making for VOG now since everyone moved on into Crota. Gives new players a chance to play with some of the vets on here. I am sure not a lot of vets would like the noobs constantly asking questions, but I am willing to help to a degree. 3, have the conversion rate of cryptarch become more likely to give you legendary gears especially when it is higher. Currently, mine is 63. Still getting crap from post master too. 4, Give more PvE missions. It has become repeatitive now. Vanguard, partol missions, Strikes and replaying missions are getting old. Need something new for the non-pvp players. PVP has been getting a lot more and I know it is because of the co-op with Bungie and Activision which Activision has always been a PVP style company.(I do not like one side games).

  • fakulty

    400 plus hours into this game. honestly im not sure how it kept my attention that long. the best part of the game is strikes and raids. but they are soooooo lackluster, and so few of them. randomized dungeons and enemies is really what this game need. i mean i have memorized every single enemy location. and the fact they nerfed this game so much before even adding the stuff it needs like raid matchmaking and CONTENT. it used to be somewhat of a challenge to hit max level. now new players can catch seasoned players in about 25 hours from level 1 because you can buy gear in the tower that gets you to lvl31. so everyone with lots of time invested have nothing to show for it, and thats very opposite an mmo like they are trying to be. i was extremely disappointed when the exotic tweaks came out. my fully upgraded ice breaker, which is arguably the best pve weapon in the game…wasnt the best anymore, but i could make it the best just have to lvl it up AGAIN, and it takes a long time. so my time invested to have a good weapon just got shit all over and thrown out the window. bungie picked me up and dropped me back at the beginning of the maze, because thats their idea of content. there is no point in grinding to level 32 from 31 because it doesnt get you anything special and next update they will nerf the game again and you will be able to grind more of the same strikes, with the same enemies, in the same location and buy new, better gear for almost nothing.
    and crucible, heh, thats a whole nother rant. but in short its just very unbalanced with no change in sight.

    meanwhile bungie is laughing all the way to the bank, investors are pushing for a destiny 2, which will probly just restart your whole character so you have to do all the same shit again.

    and im laughing about destiny, while playing the true GOTY, dragon age inquisition.

    thanks for the ride bungie (but not really, screw y’all)

  • Stoobs

    I really hope they buff the No Land Beyond.

  • luvgames

    Destiny is a beautiful game ruined by the over-hyoe! I expect more to come from this game and Destiny will definitely give cod and halo a run for their man, people forget this is a new entry! Halo 5 and cod: aw will lose some fans be because of the changes/additions that didn’t go so well with die hard fans! Destiny is the new king of fps on consoles

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