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Diablo III getting Paragon System in upcoming patch

by William Schwartz


One of Blizzard’s major concerns for Diablo III stems from the lack of end-game content to keep players engaged after they’ve completed the game. In patch 1.0.4 Blizzard will introduce the Paragon System, one that is designed to address Magic Find gear-swapping and offer an extended progression system for players that have already completed their journey to level 60.

After a player hits level 60, any further experience earned from slaying monsters will count towards the player’s Paragon level. Hitting Paragon levels will increase core player stats, and will increase Magic/Gold finds as well. Initially, Blizzard will offer 100 Paragon levels that will be marked on the player’s portrait with the Paragon progression. A new design will be unlocked after every ten Paragon levels.

Dealing with Magic Find items, Blizzard will be capping Magic Find at 300%. This cap will be reached at Paragon level 100, and once capped players can focus solely on equipping for survival and strength. For the complete run-down on the new Paragon system, head over to for all the details.

Is Patch 1.0.4. going to get you back to playing Diablo III? Let us know in the comments section below.

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