Why Star Wars Battlefront Has 40 Players For Online Games

by Damian Seeto
Star Wars: Battlefront Space Battles

DICE has now spoken out in more detail as to why 40 online players is the maximum amount that Star Wars Battlefront can include.

First of all, many gamers are concerned that Star Wars Battlefront is a 40 player clone of Battlefield. A DICE community manager addressed this problem during a Q&A session on Reddit.

He said: “Battlefront is not Battlefield. That’s never been the intention; our intention with Battlefront is to build a game that feels and is very different from Battlefield. His ‘40 is the sweet spot’ remark is only in regards to Battlefront and the type of game we want Battlefront to be.”

He stressed in another comment that the 40 player maximum limit was an “internal decision“. It was also important to limit players for the Star Wars Battlefront map design too. If too many players were added, they would have had to adjust the map sizes and more. He said that the “map designs will reflect” the 40 player maximum.

This is not the first time DICE has spoken out that Star Wars Battlefront is a completely different game from the Battlefield series. Even after a few weeks from the first reveal earlier this month, fans still ask DICE the same question over and over again.

Let’s hope DICE is right and Star Wars Battlefront actually is a different experience from their more famous Battlefield games.