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Disney Infinity 2.0 Leak Shows Aladdin And Jasmine, Official Reveal Today

by Dean James


Following in the footsteps of the massive success brought forth by Skylanders and their “gotta catch ’em all” figures, Disney released their own game known as Disney Infinity last year to much acclaim. Since then, we’ve seen the announcement of Disney Infinity 2.0, which will be bringing in Marvel superheroes to the mix. The game just keeps looking better and better every day and now a new leak has revealed what appears to be two brand new characters to the game, which come from the Disney side rather than Marvel.

The executive producer of Disney Infinity, John Vignocchi, teased on Twitter yesterday that two new character reveals were coming on Thursday. However, a leaked trailer on YouTube showed off both Aladdin and Jasmine in action before swiftly being removed. Luckily, before it was taken down someone took the above screenshot, which shows Aladdin in the game.

One of Vignocchi’s latest tweets has removed pretty much any doubt that the teased reveal later today will be for these two.

  • “You guys trying to guess who these new figures are have made me so ticked off, I’m molting!”

The molting is obviously in reference to Iago of Aladdin fame, so stay tuned for what almost has to be the official reveal of both Aladdin and Jasmine later today.

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