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Dota 2 International 2015 Compendium Update Adds New Ways To Earn Compendium Points

by William Schwartz


Valve has just released an update for the Dota 2 International 2015 Compendium which gives players multiple new ways to earn Compendium Points.

Players will find that earning levels has become slightly easier. A new Challenge slot has been added to the three existing ones. This fourth slot will feature Hero specific challenges which grant both Compendium Points and Coins upon completion. In response to fans’ complaints, Valve has made it possible to complete Challenges while playing additional game modes. Now also being available in: Captains Mode, Captains Draft, Random Draft, Single Draft, and All Random game modes.

The Ten Hero Challenge is back from last year but this time can be completed three times; meaning players can earn up to 450 Compendium Points, enough for 4.5 levels, from completing this challenge alone. Recycling and TI5 Immortal Consume options are now available both giving Compendium Points. Last, but not least, gamers can now participate in the All-Star match vote, via the Compendium, to earn 50 Compendium Points.

Compendium Points are used to level up the International 2015 Compendium, which in turn unlocks new items, Treasures and in-game effects. Now players have the ability to earn more points by simply playing Dota 2, rather than purchasing additional points from the store. This may have an effect on the total size of The International 2015 prize pool; as when additional points are purchased 25% of the cost goes directly into the prize pool.

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