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Double Fine funds next project without publisher via Kickstarter

by William Schwartz


Double Fine announced recently that it would be looking to fund its next video game project in a rather unconventional method for a studio of their size.  Looking to create “an old school adventure game”, the developer took to Kickstarter to accept donations to get the project rolling.  Their goal was to raise $400,000 dollars.

Well the developer known for its work on Psychonauts, Brutal Legend, and more recently Stacking and Sesame Street Kinect found it quite easy to hit their goal and then some.  Donations are nearing $800,000 a “double” of their original projection, with over a month left further donations.

What exactly is Double Fine going to be making with all this money?  They haven’t quite laid that out just yet, but we’ll have to see if this story about a developer taking a less traveled road brings about anything good.  If their previous games are any indication, that answer is probably yes.

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