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Dragon Quest XI Confirmed For NX Once Again, Possible Simultaneous Release

by Dean James


Dragon Quest XI was first announced more than a year ago, with the very different PS4 and 3DS versions being shown off. There was plenty of talk about the game coming to the Nintendo NX as well and it sounds like that is definitely happening now.

Alongside the reveal of Dragon Quest XI, it was stated that the game was also set to come to the Nintendo NX as well. However, this was backtracked on pretty quickly to just say it was “under consideration.”

In the upcoming October issue of Nintendo Dream, which has been translated by Gematsu, Dragon Quest series creator Yuji Horii took part in a roundtable discussion that included other developers, in which he confirmed the existence of Dragon Quest XI for NX.

This came when he was asked if the game was coming out on three platforms including the NX, in which he said “that’s right” and continued on to say how difficult it is with the different hardware on each system.

While the look of the game is very different at least between the PS4 and 3DS versions, the story is supposed to be the same. With the different versions, they asked Horii if they would still be releasing together or not to avoid spoilers in the story.

“That’s right. Spoilers will emerge if we release one version earlier. (Laughs.) However, we’re a little concerned about the sense of distance in movement. It’s different for each of the supported hardware.”

Horii didn’t specifically mention the NX version in this case, but if ruining the story is a concern, it could mean we’ll see all three versions at the same time. Dragon Quest XI is supposed to release in Japan prior to May 27, 2017, and with the NX set to release in March, that could fit in just right for a Japanese launch.

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