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European Servers Confirmed For Crowfall


ArtCraft has just announced that the first PayPal stretch goal has been reached by their recently Kickstarter funded video game Crowfall.

Counting overseas pledges to determine the need for localization the PayPal stretch goal of $165,000 has now been reached. This unlocks a few things to increase European players’ enjoyment of the game. There will now be hosted servers in Europe for the betas and at launch. The website and community areas will be localized into 6 European languages: German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Italian. Also, a new community manager will be hired specifically to “focus on our [ArtCraft’s] overseas communities”.

The next stretch goal will allow the team to hire another graphics programmer. Currently Crowfall is only 23% away from its next goal of an additional $150,000, with the pledge total rising by the day. Soon the Crowfall Store will be opening allowing gamers to upgrade their reward packages. This should help bring in additional funding, on top of that from new backers. ArtCraft also commented that, as well as working on the store page, they are testing merging Kickstarter pledges with Crowfall accounts. Emails for this merging process will be sent out to backers over the next week.

Crowfall is billed by the developers as “a new type of online experience” which offers a unique gameplay as a “Throne War Simulator”. Mixing the Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) genre with a strategic simulator, Crowfall is attempting something rather different. Gamers clearly like the idea as the Kickstarter campaign raised over $1.7 million from nearly 17,000 backers, becoming the 15th largest Kickstarter video game in terms of money pledged.

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