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Even GameStop’s New Credit Card Will Have A Day 1 Edition

by Dean James


Over the years, most every major retailer has begun to offer their own type of credit card that provides bonuses at their store, as well as working elsewhere. As a result, it comes to no one’s surprise that GameStop announced that they were going to be offering their own credit card. The card hasn’t launched yet, but funnily enough it has been revealed through the GameStop website that the card will feature something that a lot of video games receive these days.


Day 1 editions of games and even consoles tend to come with special bonuses, such as downloadable content or physical items. Now, Gamestop revealed that their credit card will fittingly be getting its own “Day 1 Edition.”

  • “Be the first to experience the many benefits of the PowerUp Rewards Credit Card. For a limited time only, approved members will receive the exclusive Day 1 Edition PowerUp Rewards Credit Card. Apply today”

This special edition does not provide any special bonuses or anything, just the special card seen above that specifies that it is a Day 1 Edition card. There will be a limited number of these Day 1 cards available, so if you are interested, make sure to apply now before they run out.

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