Experience an NFL Game Like Never Before

by AOTF Staff

For years players have wanted to get into the game when it comes to sports games such and Madden and FIFA just to name a few. EON Sports has now made it possible to experience a Madden game the way it was meant to be. It will be as if you were actually there and are able to receive coaching from Mike Ditka, Terry Shea and some more of the best NFL coaches of all time. How will you be able to experience this dream come true? All you need is your smartphone or the Oculus Rift.

EON has made this possible by developing a virtual reality mobile-friendly software that will enable football players to experience the game as if you were actually on the field in a live game. This technology allows for the athlete to see the game from a position-specific viewpoint that will force the user to interact and react to scenarios that are happening all around them.

Unfortunately EON Sports can’t do this by themselves. If you are a hardcore football fan and would really like to get your hands on this, EON Sports has started a kickstarter to ensure that they can give you the best experience they can offer.

- This article was updated on April 27th, 2018