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Factorio 1.1 Stable Release Patch Notes Update

Update is now available.

by Ivonne Vazquez


A stable version of Factorio has been released to the public. Wube Software have stated that there are “… 0 known issues and 0 active bug reports on the forums.” Here are the changes and notes that they’ve included in their latest blog post.

  • Blueprint flipping is now an option. Disabled for any blue prints that are unable to flip properly.
  • Spiders now have more features.
  • Spider waypoints have been fixed.
  • Spider follow command added. Now spiders can follow each other and other entities.
  • ‘Smart belt building’ fixes the bug for belt building.  Built building now also has an underground feature if you build it through constructed material.
  • Wake up lists have been optimized for 20-40% performance gain.
  • Save game speed optimized by 20%.
  • Multi-threaded belts: the player is able to remove some connections making the group contain multiple components which can be extracted to separate groups. While groups merging has to be done immediately (having multiple groups being able to interact with each other would create race conditions), splitting does not.


-A new Train GUI has been added with some changes.

  • It is a list of all Trains.
  • You can see the schedule.
  • You can click the button to open the Train.
  • You can search by schedule.
  • Two new tabs, Trains and Stations, have been added.



Factorio is available on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Macintosh operating systems


- This article was updated on:February 3rd, 2021

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