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Fallout Shelter Android Release Date Officially Revealed

by Kyle Hanson


Fallout Shelter will arrive on Android via the Google Play Store on August 13th according to a tweet sent out through official Bethesda channels. The game will be free to download, just as it is on the iOS App Store, allowing players to buy in-game items with real money, or just tough it out at no cost.

Along with releasing on Android, Fallout Shelter will be receiving a new update, which will add in Mr. Handy, Deathclaws, and Molerats to the game. These should give long-time iOS players a new reason to jump back on and see how their Vault dwellers are managing these days.

In case you haven’t followed the game, Fallout Shelter puts players in the role of a Vault-Tec Vault overseer. In this capacity they will manage Vault functions, improve the living conditions, and increase the population, while expanding the available space with new rooms and areas.

Fallout Shelter was announced at Bethesda’s first ever E3 Showcase, alongside gameplay reveals of Doom and Fallout 4. It was made immediately available on the Apple App Store, resulting in some server issues, and long download times for those that tried to get it right away. An Andorid version was eventually promised, but until now we weren’t sure when it might arrive.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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