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Fallout Shelter Is The Most Played Game in the Entire Series

by Mike Guarino


While Fallout 4 might have been the big winner for Bethesda at the 2016 DICE Awards, they also claimed victory in the mobile game category with their Fallout spin-off Fallout Shelter. The game was released during Fallout 4’s E3 reveal and has been played many times, but now we know just how many.

Fallout 4’s Game Director Todd Howard did a panel at DICE Summit, where he discussed Fallout Shelter briefly. Howard claims that the game has generated over 4 billion play sessions, making it the most played Fallout game of all other Fallout games combined.

While Howard revealed that the original intention for Fallout Shelter was to just work on something that was on a much smaller scale than The Elder Scrolls or main Fallout games, Fallout Shelter completely blew away all of their expectations when it released.

Fallout Shelter is available now for iOS and Android and has you taking the role of the Overseer as you build your vault and manage all of the vault dwellers living/working inside of it.

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