Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Sells Big In Japan

by Damian Seeto

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD had an impressive first week when it came out in Japan.

Media Create has revealed the latest video game charts for Japan. Final Fantasy Type-0 HD debuted on top selling 92,094 units. This was for the PS4 version of the game only.

The Xbox One version of the game didn’t reach the top 50. Media Create estimated that only 1000 people bought Final Fantasy Type-0 HD on Xbox One, If both versions were included, the game would have sold over 93,000 units in its debut week.

This number is impressive given the fact that Final Fantasy Type-0 HD was already available in Japan for the PSP. Although this remaster looks far better than the original version. Not to mention the Final Fantasy XV demo would have helped with the strong sales of the game as well.

Square Enix should be happy with the way Final Fantasy Type-0 HD has been selling. The game debuted pretty high on the UK charts as well. It was only beaten by Battlefield Hardline.

If sales are good enough for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, there might be a good chance we will see a sequel of the game. The game was warmly received by critics and fans as well so a sequel would be nice if it happens.