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Final Fantasy XV Brotherhood and King’s Glaive Movie Revealed

by William Schwartz


During the Final Fantasy XV Uncovered event tonight, Square Enix, announced exciting news for Anime and movie fans with the addition of Final Fantasy XV: Brotherhood and Final Fantasy XV: King’s Glaive. Brotherhood is a five-part OVA series that will detail Noctis’ past before the main events of the game, with the first episode streaming now on YouTube.

Along with the Anime series, a CGI movie trailer was shown off, known as King’s Glaive, which will detail the events during Final Fantasy XV parallel to Noctis and his friends adventures. While King Regis rules the throne back at home, Luna will also be given background information. The movie is slated for a 2016 release, with voice actress Lena Heady and actor Sean Bean from Game of Thrones lending their voices, along with Aaron Paul as Nyx.

The movie will also be streamed for free later this year before Final Fantasy XV releases.

It’s always exciting to have new content when it concerns the Final Fantasy universe, and having a free Anime series and movie coming out will please fans. I also find it impressive that such talented actors will be involved.

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