First Battlefield Hardline Patch Details Released

by AOTF Staff

Visceral Games has today confirmed what fixes and tweaks gamers can expect in the first Battlefield Hardline patch.

Thaddeus Sasser, the Lead MP Designer on Battlefield Hardline, revealed that the team has been listening to fan feedback to know what to target with the first patch. Sasser commented that fans have already “helped us [EA] shape Battlefield Hardline into what it is today” and that this is only going to continue.

Focused on “ensuring stability first and foremost” the patch targets issues found by the community regarded as a priority. These include fixes for Punkbuster to address “heavy CPU usage” and to Nvidia DirectX drivers. EA have been working directly with Nvidia to prevent the most common issues in order to offer gamers the best possible gaming experience. A few game breaking fixes will also be introduced to solve both server and game crashes, such as the UI disable file bug.

Aside from a variety of minor bug fixes, the patch also brings in tweaks which the community have called for, to improve the enjoyment of the game. These tweaks will include extending the length of Conquest matches and altering Team Death Match spawn points. The patch currently has no confirmed release date but will be released on all platforms when ready. Full patch notes can be found on the Battlelog Forum.