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Gearbox Head Doesn’t See Borderlands 3 on Nintendo Switch

by William Schwartz


The Nintendo Switch has shown off that it will have plenty of first party support, and some third-party support.  Though one third party developer isn’t quite sure if their flagship series will arrive on the console.

Gearbox Software’s Randy Pitchford recently made some comments about Borderlands 3 and the possibility of the game arriving on Nintendo Switch and the news isn’t great.


While fans were asking Pitchford on Twiter about the possibility of Borderlands 3 on Switch, Pitchford said, “I do not see that as happening.  We were talking to Nintendo, but that stopped for some reason.  They have other priorities.”

Fans have been waiting for the third installment of Borderlands for quite some time.  It’s only natural that they’d like to see it on the Nintendo Switch as well as other platforms.  Borderlands 2 released all the way back in 2012, and Gearbox has tackled plenty of other projects in the meantime.  Actually, they’ve been quite quiet about Borderlands 3 for some time.

Back at PAX South they dropped hints about the game, confirming that it was in development but no details about it were revealed.  Last year, Pitchford explained that the studio was focused on Battleborn.  That game has since launched and they’ve been supporting the multiplayer title with new content since last year’s release.

More recently, Gearbox announced that they would be doing a remaster of Bulletstorm.  That’s set to arrive in April.  Hopefully, once that one’s out the door we’ll finally start to get some concrete information about Borderlands 3.

It’s probably safe to assume though that Borderlands 3 will not be heading to the Nintendo Switch.   Hey, on the brightside, at least Randy Pitchford is talking about Borderlands 3 in some capacity.

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