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Where to get the Pokemon Go Plus: Available Now!

by Kyle Hanson


Pokemon Go swiftly became the biggest mobile game ever, so it makes sense that the Pokemon Go Plus is pretty tough to find. You can’t just download the dang thing, and it seems like Nintendo and Niantic weren’t expecting such ridiculously high demand. Most places are already sold out of the Pokemon Go Plus, but today is launch day, so there are some options, though they have slim chances of actually having the device. Still, we’ll try to keep this post updated as stock comes back online, so check back often to see where to get the Pokemon Go Plus.

Where to get the Pokemon Go Plus

Gamestop: In very few stores, check here for your local one.

Everywhere else seems sold out right now, including Amazon and Best Buy, though new stock should arrive at some point, and you may get lucky at your local Best Buy, so try to give them a call. This is just the initial shipment of the Pokemon Go Plus, and with a previous delay it is likely that a new shipment is already being prepared. If you want to get the Pokemon Go Plus you’ll need to be either patient, or vigilant, catching the store right when the new shipment arrives.

Good luck. As I said, we’ll keep this post updated, so keep an eye on it for any new arrivals.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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