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Gloomhaven: The Best Board Game of All Time is Heading to PC Soon

D&D in a box is going digital.

by Kyle Hanson


Ask 100 people what the best video game of all time is and you will get dozens of different answers. Sure, a few standards will pop up such as The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Super Metroid, Grand Theft Auto V, or Chrono Trigger, but overall there’s little agreement on what constitutes the very best. Board games are similar, but over the last couple of years the general consensus of many players has solidified around Gloomhaven. Sitting securely at the top of Board Game Geek’s Top 100 list, where is replaced the now number 2 entry of Pandemic Legacy, Gloomhaven is far and away the best rated board game out there. And now it’s coming to PC as a digital release.

The announcement came awhile ago, but we only just got firm details this morning. Gloomhaven will release into Steam Early Access on July 17th, but expect this to be a true Early Access launch. The game won’t be fully featured and fans will still want to have their massive box ready for real gameplay. This will be a test launch where the developer can fiddle around and see what works and what doesn’t, before adding in all the massive content from the base game and its recently release expansion.

The initial release of Gloomhaven on PC will contain four characters and a selection of scenarios to play through. A roadmap has been created to show how the developer plans to expand on this, with more characters, mechanics, enemies, and scenarios being added throughout 2019 and into 2020 with a full launch planned after all of that has been done. The launch price will be $24.99 which is a massive discount compared to the often over $100 board game. The price will go up once the game gets to full release, so if you’re already a fan you might want to jump on it while in Early Access.

Gloomhaven isn’t on sale yet but you can add it to your wishlist and keep an eye on it on Steam.

Gloomhaven – Early Access Teaser Trailer

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