God of War PS4 Is Inspired By The Last of Us’ Maturity

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by Damian Seeto

The Last of Us was a monumental game in a lot of ways. Many people praise its gameplay as well as its story. God of War PS4’s developer is hoping their new game has the same level of maturity.

God of War PS4’s director, Cory Balrog, talked more about the new direction of the game during an interview with EPNdotTV. Balrog feels The Last of Us paved the way for more mature stories to be told.

The Last of Us is an amazing game, Naughty Dog is an unbelievably talented team, and to be compared to them is awesome. And the expansion and the audience being ready for more mature stories, and not mature as in ‘mature,’ but really as in dramatically challenging people, to dig a little deeper, not handing all the answers to them.. yeah, Last of Us did pave the way for that.

People are now ready for deeper story telling rather than the usual protagonist saves the world type of scenario. God of War PS4 will explore more about the character of Kratos as his son is in the game and their relationship will play out during the gameplay and cutscenes. You can check out the full interview below.

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